Glow Worm Surveys 2024

Dear All,

It is almost time to don our walking boots and head torches to walk the Purbeck countryside under the cover of darkness in search of these magical little beetles!

There are a series of transects across South Purbeck and each one needs to be walked twice; once in July and once in August, between the hours of 10pm and midnight. The survey dates are entirely your choice, as long as they are under suitable weather conditions. You can choose to take on one or more transects depending on your availability.

If you would like to take part this year, please request to join the Purbeck Glow Worm Project Group via the Groups Page (if you haven’t done so already), and drop me an email ( to let me know the following:

  • Did you have a transect allocated to you last year and, if so, what was the transect number?
  • Would you like to be allocated the same transect this year?
  • Would you be happy to take on any new / additional transects this year?
  • Would you benefit from a training or refresher event in advance?

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Purbeck Natural History Forum works with a group of partners