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On this page you find an overview of web resources related to Biological Recording or the Purbeck Natural History Forum in general. Resources are placed in alphabetical order. If you have any suggestions for relevant websites to add, please let us know through our contact form.

Amphibian and Reptile Conservation – The home page of this organisation with links to lots of training and education resources. If you are interested in reptile and amphibian monitoring, the website also provides information on how to get involved.

Bat Conservation Trust – The home page of this organisation with lots of educational information about bats and how to get involved into bat monitoring.

Biological recording UK – A nice website about biological recording. They also offer different online and in-person courses as well as webinars. The overall focus is on invertebrates, but the site could also be of interest to those with different interests.

Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland – A great website for the botany-minded under us. The website offers high quality resources for plant identification as well as distribution maps of UK vascular plants.

British Dragonfly Society – This is the home page of this organisation. For those with an interest in dragonflies and damselflies, this website has a lot of educational resources as well as how to get involved in dragonfly recording.

Buglife – A very accessible website for those who are interested in invertebrates (also for those who are relatively new to these). The site offers good educational resources and step-to-step guidance on how to identify invertebrates.

Butterfly Conservation – The home page of this organisation with lots of educational resources on butterflies and moths. Also a lot of support is provided an identification of species and how you can help to monitor our UK populations.

British Trust of Ornithology – Good website for the birders amongst us with lots of information about bird behaviour, monitoring and recording.

Dorset Environmental Record Centre – The home page of our own Dorset Environmental Record Centre with a great overview of the flora, fauna, lichens and fungi that can be found in our county. The website also provides information about the Dorset Flora Group and Wessex Bryology Group.

Dorset National Landscape – A nice website about our beautiful Dorset natural environment. The website offer many links to interesting places and events to visit in our county.

Dorset Wildlife Trust – This is the home page of our local Wildlife Trust. The site gives an extensive overview of the conservation work this charity is doing in Dorset.

Freshwater Biological Association – A website dedicated to the protection and understanding of our fresh waters in the UK. The page has many links to fresh water monitoring, courses and events. The page also provides information and resources about (semi)aquatic invertebrates.

Mammal Society – Nice website about the conservation of our mammals in Britain. The page also provides help with the identification of species and how to record them.

National Trust – The home page of the National Trust.

Natural History Museum – This website provides a wide range of information about science, nature facts, news articles and resources. The website also provide a link to a page providing an ‘Introduction to Biological recording’. It covers aspects such as ‘how to make a Biological record’ and ‘where to record your Findings’.

NPMS National Plant Monitoring Scheme – This website provides all information you need to know if you are interested in the National Plant Monitoring Scheme.

Plantlife – Plantlife is an organisation dedicated to the protection of wild plants an fungi in Britain. Besides an introduction to their work, this page provides useful learning and site management resources for British plants and Fungi.

Purbeck Heaths – This website gives an overview of the first ‘super’ NNR in England, the Purbeck Heaths. Besides visitor information, the site has a nice selection of resources for those who are interested in biological recording of the site.

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds – The home page of the RSPB, a British charity dedicated to the protection of birds and nature.

UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme – This website provides extensive resources for those who are interested in monitoring butterflies under the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme.

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