New Forum website is LIVE!

© Pete Christie

The Purbeck Natural History Forum is very happy that our new website is now live. It has taken us quite some time to develop the website, but we think it has been worth it! The new website is providing a lot more options and functionality to support the Forum. Through this article we want to briefly introduce you to some new features which were not present on the old website.

All activities that take place under the umbrella of the Forum are now united in individual Interest Groups. These are Groups covering a specific (group of) species or are themed around a certain topic. Examples of groups are the Odonata survey group, the Purbeck Heath NNR Monitoring group, the Peatland monitoring group and the Veteran Tree project group. For a complete overview of all the Groups please click this link.

For those who are already familiar with the Forum a bit longer, will notice that there are quite a few new Interest Groups which were not there before. This is because the Forum now covers a larger geographical area and includes for instance survey projects for the Wareham ARC project. But besides that, there is also an increasing interest from new partners to work with the Forum.

What is new as well is that with the launch of the new website all events and surveys are now only advertised and send out through the website. This means that we do no longer have to send out email to everybody when there is a particle survey coming up. If you want to receive updates and news from a particular group, we ask you to join that group. Once joined, you will automatically receive an email when there is an update or event from that particular group. For a complete overview of all the upcoming events please click this link.

Where there is a need to register or book for an event or survey, this can now also be done through the website. When you click on the link for a particular event, you will see that you get information about the event as well as the option to register.

The new website also has a News section where you will be able to find regular news updates from the Forum. These news articles will cover a wide range of topics about what is happening in terms of biological recording and Forum events within the Purbeck Area.

The website also provides an overview of Useful Resources. This page currently displays a variety of weblinks related to organisations which are involved in wildlife surveys and biological recording in general.

The website displays a large number of photos. Many of these photos are from our own volunteers or volunteers from partner organisations. There where possible, we have credited the photographer on the picture itself. We do however also want to mention those people here and thank those who have contributed to the website: Terry Bagley, Mark Wright, James Burland, Pete Christie, Mark Warn & Mark Singleton. We are aware that many more people have send in pictures then there are currently on the website. This is because we were not able to use all photos straight away. However, we have saved your photos in our photo database and we will use more photos in the future.

If you have any particular photos from events or surveys which you would like to share, please do send these in and we can place them on our gallery.

We hope you will all enjoy using the new website! If you however want to give any feedback on the website, or you have any questions about the website or the Forum, please contact the Forum’s secretary through our contact form or email

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